1. When logging in into Tamkang SoftCloud website, a personal virtual host will connect. Please make sure to save your personal file and data in USB, cloud drive or other places before logging out, or else all the data would be deleted, refresh and jump back to desktop.
  2. Except scanner, USB devices such as a USB desk, portable desk, card reader, printers and hard drives are all available on virtual desktop.
  3. In order to share resources, make sure to log out when not using TKU software cloud. Install software on your PC or laptop when using it for a long time. Such as a professional software “SAS”,”SPSS” or else. Please comply with school authorized software Installation requirements.
  4. The office’s cloud printer is located at the left hand side on the entrance of B213 computer lab. We support devices such as smartphone, iPad or laptop. You need to take paper and print it by yourself at B213. For more printing information please follow “Computer classroom/laboratory open for use notes”.
  5. Disturbing, damaging or hacking into unauthorized computer systems is prohibited.
  6. According to "Personal Data Protection Act" provisions of preservation and processing. The Office of Information has the right to restore the server daily record, user’s history and cookies.
  7.  Please mind and respect the intellectual right, installing illegal software are forbidden.
  8. The Office of Information has the right to discontinue any service if a user violates the relevant provisions.